The Lipstick I Keep Buying


My French beauty obsessed self has always been a fan of lipstick, so much in fact that my sister’s comment on my lack of lip color when we go places and I don’t have a swash of color on. I don’t wear a ton of makeup so having color on my lips (and a touch on my cheeks) wakens up my whole complexion and makes me look like I’m on my third cup of coffee instead of just my first. My lipstick of choice has changed over the years from a very bright red (still a favorite) on a daily basis to a much more natural look all thanks to this one lipstick and the best part, it’s only $6 so I keep one in all my bags.

The Gotta Glow Lip Tint by e.l.f. comes in three colors but the one I keep buying is the perfect berry. It looks very intimidating putting it on because the color in the bullet is this very dark purple but once on your lips, it creates a very soft berry color and feels more like chapstick than lipstick so your lips stay moisturized all day. It doesn’t stay on all day so you do have to reapply but at $6 a tube, its a steal.