Taking Care of Yourself During a Busy Season


It seems that the holiday is the busiest season for person and business alike. Between the holiday parties and the filling calendars, and the rapidly approaching deadlines, it seems like I’ve somehow forgotten that I need to eat a vegetable every once in a while and that I desperately need to get out of my office chair a few times to stretch my legs. The busy season is hard on all of us and on our physical and emotional health so in order to take care of yourself during a busy season here are some of my favorite tips that I’m trying to abide by myself.

1) Make sure to stay hydrated. The changes in the weather, the heater at the office and staring at your computer screen means that skin is more likely to dry out. I like to keep a water bottle at my desk or in my purse to make sure that I’m getting enough water while working or on the go. This one by swell is currently my favorite.

2) Try Vitamin C or a good multi vitamin. This time of year is too busy to get sick and with cold and flu season it is important to stay on top of your immune system to try and get ahead and make sure you’re getting the nutrients that you need.

3) Take some time for you. Take a bath or a hot shower, read a book, watch a cheesy movie but make sure you take time to actually take care of yourself. It might be the season of giving, but you need to be rested in order to pour into others

5) Get a good workout in a few times a week. If you’re anything like me you’re eating a lot of junk food, you’re probably a little dehydrated, and spending way too many hours sitting at your desk. Working out is a great way to relieve some of that stress and keeping you on top of your game physically. Barre3 Online is my all time favorite way to get moving and there are classes from 10 to 60 minutes so that no matter what my schedule or where I am, I can get in a great workout. Try a two week free trial here!

6) Disconnect for a while. I’m learning how to put my phone away when I’m with people or turning off my computer at a decent hour instead of checking email that can probably wait till morning. It’s about being present in the season because while it is busy, I don’t want to miss the little moments that make this season so special.