September Best Buys: The Home Edit

Over the summer I moved into a new house and September was the month I finally started setting it up and making it look like I actually lived here. I hung shelves, and decorated, and painted furniture and picked out home goods and items that helped made my new house my new home! Here are my September Best Buys: The Home Edit!

September Best Buys: The Home Edit
September Best Buys: The Home Edit

1 | Renters Insurance

I know, I know. This one is super boring but renter’s insurance is so important! I don’t own my home but if something was to happen (like a fire, or a break in) I know that I’m covered. Renter’s insurance will cover my personal assets like my computer, clothing, furniture, and it will help cover damages to the house if I accidentally cause an accident. It’s relatively inexpensive and is 100% worth a little extra money to protect the things that are important to me.

2 | Nespresso Machine

I love coffee. I know most people say that they love coffee but I go to bed thinking about the coffee I’ll get to drink in the morning. It’s the reason I am a morning person and I know that this makes me sound a bit like an addict but when you’re a full time business owner, coffee becomes a little more sacred. That being said, this Nespresso coffee maker has changed my life. Technically it’s at my parents house but it makes me want to drive out of my way to just go get a cup of coffee. It’s that good and it makes the perfect addition to any kitchen counter.

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3 | Scrub Daddy Sponges

I hate using a sponge to clean dishes. They’re slimy and typically covered in germs. Give me a scrubber with a long handle and I’m a happy camper but the Scrub Daddy has changed my tune. The material is more durable than your old school sponge and when they’re used in cold water they maintain a stiff shape and when used in warm water they’re softer. The best part though, you can pop them into the microwave to sterilize them when they start smelling weird or feel gross.

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4 | House Plants

I’ve never been one to have a green thumb. I’ve tried several times to grow plants but have been very unsuccessful in keeping them alive. This time, I reached out to my Instagram community and asked for recommendations for plants that are almost impossible to kill. Y’all came back with some great suggestions so I now am a proud owner of an English Ivy vine and a few other house plants that add some greenery to my new home. They’re the perfect decoration in their cute little terra cotta pots and they really liven up the space with a fresh look. If you love the look of plants but have a hard time keeping them alive, there are some great options for silk plants that look almost like the real thing.

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5 | Fun Welcome Mat

There is something so fun about having a unique welcome mat. It’s a great way to personalize a space that sometimes gets overlooked. It’s the perfect addition to make a house a home. I found our “hello, goodbye” welcome mat at Target and it really creates a fun atmosphere from the second you step onto the porch.

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