October Best Buys

October went by way too quickly. It felt like it started and ended all within the same week but there were several products that I fell in love with this month. From skin care, to a coffee creamer, these were my October best buys!

October Best Buys 01
October Best Buys 02

1 | La Roche Posay Toleriane Facial Cleanser

I’ve been struggling with massive breakouts lately and after a trip to the dermatologist was put on a retinol routine. I have insanely sensitive skin so my face started cracking and peeling even when just using the cream twice a week so I was on a mission to find hydrating products that worked with my sensitive skin, not against it. I’ve loved La Roche Posay’s micellar water in the past but tried their hydrating facial cleanser this month and it was fabulous. It made my skin feel silky and clean without making the post retinol treatment redness worse. It’s amazing, especially as the weather gets drier.

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2 | The softest sweatpants ever

I work from home most days so I spend a lot of time in sweatpants but I also like to be able to just walk out of the house in them without looking like I just rolled out of bed. These Lou & Grey sweatpants are the softest pair of pants I have ever put on but the tapered leg and trouser cut solve the problem of cute and comfortable. Also did I mention they were soft?

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3 | Natural Bliss Almond Milk Creamer

You could say that I am a coffee person. I love all things coffee related but this creamer is a game changer. I love almond milk in my coffee but it doesn’t froth well when in a latte and it sometimes lacks the creaminess of dairy but Natural Bliss has figured out how to have the best of both worlds. It makes a world of difference in your morning cup of coffee!

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4 | Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancake Mix

If you didn’t read the title of this pancake mix then you’d never know that they were gluten free. They’re the best pancakes ever and we may have bought ten boxes (not even exaggerating). They’re the perfect fall dish for breakfast, brunch, breakfast for dinner, whatever you’re feeling.

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5 | Vince Camuto Pointy Toe Pump

I’ve been wearing the same pair of patent leather nude pumps since high school so when I had a dinner coming up, I went on a quest to find a more grown up look and some investment pieces. I chose this pair of Vince Camuto Pumps which were the perfect addition to my wardrobe. They fit like a glove, they’re not too high, and they’re a perfect nude leather! I love them.

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