5 Signs it's time to replace your makeup

The start of a new season (hello, spring!) is the perfect time to clean out old makeup. As the season shifts, the makeup I wear also shifts, which means it's time for a complete refresh of my makeup bag, from what I wear to what gets thrown out. Although the makeup in my bag may seem to be in mint condition, most makeups actually have a limited shelf life and it is important to pay attention to those since makeup can be a breeding ground for bacteria. My skin is already so sensitive so I don't want to get a reaction from old makeup so I pay attention to signs that might mean it's time to "let go." Here's a list of 5 signs that signal that you might need to clean out your makeup bag. 

Sign 1: Flakely, clumpy, or dry mascara. 
Replace: At least every three months

Sign 2: A Liquid foundation that is separating even when shaken well, smells funny, or changing color. A powder foundation that smells funny or is losing it's color. Makeup sticks used directly on the skin should be replaced every six months. 
Replace: Every 6 months to a year
Tip: You can prolong the shelf life (slightly) by keeping your brushes and sponges clean. 

Sign 3: Concealer sticks with separation, or used directly on the skin every day. Though they may be the best way to cover up a blemish, concealers are contaminated easily, which can make a blemish worse! 
Replace: Once a year or sooner depending on how often they're used. 

Sign 4: Crumbling eyeshadow that's dried out, losing color, or has an oily sheen
Replace: Every two years if it's powder, every year if it's cream

Sign 5: Lipstick that is dried out, emitting a strange odor, or color is clumpy when going on your lips
Replace: Once a year. 
Tip: Gently wipe off the top layer of lipstick with a makeup remover cloth to extend the life of a lipstick.