5 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace

5 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace

When I began blogging in college, the first website I ever built was on WordPress and while I loved it, I constantly had to update the plugins, and the hosting platform so I would not lose content or my Google rankings. It drove me crazy because I was constantly updating my website instead of just using it. When I began Simplicité & Co. I knew I needed something different. I needed a site that would work with me instead of against me. I did a lot of research and chose to use Squarespace as my website builder and hosting platform. 

Squarespace has become a recognizable name in the digital world. With their easy to use platforms, beautiful interfaces, and an all-in-one platform, they make it easy to create beautiful websites that work for clients and designers alike. Here are my top five reasons why I chose Squarespace!


One of the most confusing things I encountered as a Wordpress user was that my website was run through Wordpress, but I was paying for separate hosting to make my site live on a .com address. Installing Wordpress, cPanels, site backups... it gave me a headache. Squarespace is an all in one platform. Your website and hosting platform are in the same place with no confusion as to what's where and with the click of a button, your site is live and ready to go. Squarespace still allows for custom coding so your site can be created to fit your needs but you won't have to find a host or constantly update the plug-ins.



Your website is the first thing people see. It’s your digital business card so it has to be beautiful. In order to attract your ideal clients, your website and branding should be cohesive and your website a reflection of who you are and what you have to offer your clients. When I first started blogging, I was on Wordpress using a theme that I customized but I was not a web developer and without that valuable skill, customizing Wordpress was next to impossible despite purchasing premium themes and working diligently to get it just right. Squarespace has beautiful themes that are fully customizable to help you create a site that is uniquely your own. 



While you can get a relatively inexpensive hosting service for your Wordpress blog, you have to also factor in the cost for things like themes, back up services, paid plug-ins, etc. These things add up, and they add up quickly. A premium theme alone can cost you $150 plus the time and coding it takes to make it your own. It can become extremely expensive. Squarespace takes that out of the equation. You have access to all of their premium themes, automatic updates, and access to any future themes and features they might create. There is no need for back up services or plugins. Squarespace current offers two plan options, one of which starts at about $12 per month, and most of my clients are just fine with the most basic plan but the business plan has some great features depending on what you need. 

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Not only does Squarespace deliver on making beautiful websites, but it is also beautiful on the inside as well - the perfect package. Its user interface is clean, organized and intuitive. It also allows your designer to add custom coding so that it fits your needs without compromising how you make changes later. After all, what good is your beautifully designed website if you can't easily and efficiently make updates to your site and create valuable content? Squarespace utilizes a "block" system, allowing you to easily add text, rearrange content, and create beautiful layouts. While you might not have the time to set it all up, once your site is complete, it is easy to make changes that work for your brand. 



Each of their beautiful themes are completely mobile responsive, and the Squarespace user interface even gives you the ability to view your site as it would appear on various screen sizes. So no matter where your potential client or reader is looking at your website, it is beautiful and responsive, even on the go.  


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5 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace