Hi, Y'all! 

I'm so excited you've found your way to my corner of the digital world. 

  • I am a true small town girl who grew up in a small lake town in South Carolina but just moved to the city of Atlanta.

  • I graduated from Clemson University in 2016 (Go Tigers!) and am currently pursuing my MBA at Liberty University.

  • I love blogging, designing, and all things creative but my full time job is working as a talent manager at Silkworm Social.

  • My favorite food is French fries and I believe ice-cream is best eaten for breakfast.

  • Most days you can find me at my desk creating with a half drank cup of coffee beside me.

  • I’m crazy in love with Caleb Prather and we are celebrating being newlyweds!!

  • My goal for Simplicité & Co. is to create a platform where we can find inspiration, tips and tricks to help make life simpler, and a place where we can focus on what’s important and celebrate the simple things in life.

I’m thankful you’ve come across this crazy adventure of mine and hope you find a reason to keep coming back!

xo, Hailey 


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